Podcast of the Week: Another Round with Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton

By Abbie Steer

This week we take a look at Buzzfeed’s Another Round: A Podcast with Heben & Tracy that makes discussing the contemporary cultural and political issues of our generation somehow seem fun.

This week’s Podcast of the Week is Buzzfeed’s notable Another Round podcast, hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. In each episode, they address current pop culture and politics through a critical lens while championing the experiences of women and people of colour, introducing an intersectional feminist critique of contemporary society. They conduct amazing interviews that are both funny and good-nature while also highlighting hard hitting truths. With writers and fashion icons such as Dodai Stewart they discuss such a wide range of topics, from Korean Soap Operas to digital media and they impact and importance of women in media supporting each other behind-the-scenes. And with TV host, writer and transgender rights activist Janet Mock, they discuss Beyoncé and surviving under the presidency of Donald Trump, as well as her film The Trans List and documenting the experiences of transgender people. While covering issues like mental health, race and gender non-conformity, Nigatu and Clayton provide a safe and encouraging environment for discussions to evolve and for listeners to learn and enjoy in an open and fun way.

Kabyashree Saikia