Podcast of the week: Wanna Be by Imrie

By Abbie Steer

In the raging age of technology, the popularity of podcasts, video blogs and other such online media platforms have reached its peak. This year, FTS starts its new podcast review series, where each week, Abbie Steer focuses on new episodes and series that continue to challenge societal terms, with an aim to change our perception of the society we live in. 

New year, new me, new podcast. And what better way to get inspired for 2018 than with Wanna Be, a weekly podcast, hosted by Imrie (who previously hosted the podcast Melanin Millenials). Wanna Be’s aim is to ‘take the listener from where they are to where they wanna be’ with each episode, lasting around 30 minutes long. Each week Imrie is joined by a guest to discuss how they got to where they are now professionally, delving into the discourse of the issues that hindered their development, from fears of embarrassment to wider social and political problems. This podcast offers a refreshing perspective with people of colour and women guests and with a wide range of topics, Wanna Be has covered issues such as the stigma around menstruation as well as mental health, preaching self care while introducing you to so many extraordinary people who probably felt exactly like you, scared that they would never reach that distant ideal of ‘success’, as well as a monthly appearance by Prisca Moyesa a Branding expert and career development ‘master’. The most recent episode, a design special, features artist Leslie Hung, the co-creator of the amazing graphic novel and comic Snotgirl, which details the life of fashion blogger Lottie Person, and Leslie has been deemed ‘the perfect artist to balance the grotesquery and glamour that the story demands’ by Comics Alliance. Leslie speaks about having fun with your work, and finding balance with her work and personal life as well as the importance of creativity. Fun, feminist and topical, this podcast will be your new and inspiring ‘woke’ best friend.


Twitter: Wanna Be Podcast

Kabyashree Saikia