Podcast of the Week: NPR’s Code Switch

By Abbie Steer

Where does race fit into this supposedly ‘post-racial’ world? Find out with NPR’s Code Switch.

NPR’s Code Switch rejects the notion of a post-racial society by directly engaging with and discussing the issues surrounding race, ethnicity and culture. Run exclusively by POC (people of colour) journalists, this podcast offers a new perspective on these topics in a way that is challenging, highly personal and inspiring all at once. A recent episode discusses the issue of racial imposter syndrome, something that multiracial people face in their day to day lives, where they feel as though they lack authenticity in their own identities, often due to the whitewashing of cultures. As someone who is definitely not the intended dominant audience of this podcast, being white, it is so important to be made aware of these different social narratives and perspectives, and Code Switch manages this in such a graceful and inclusive way. Interviewing people of colour on their own experiences of feeling like they don’t ‘fit in’, as well as speaking with psychologists and those who work with minority racial groups, they explore this social issue with a level of professionalism and genuine interest as they themselves are POC, allowing for a more personal and provocative experience. They investigate the causes and effects as well as ways you yourselves can explore your heritage, combating racial imposter syndrome, and explore your identity. And this is just one example of the many topics and issues Code Switch have and will continue to explore, from talking about hip hop, protesting and discrimination, to the fundamental ways in which we engage with race in contemporary society.

Kabyashree Saikia