Podcast of the Week: You Must Remember This by Karina Longworth

By Abbie Steer

In light of the recent scandals of Hollywood, learn about its equally mysterious, masquerading as glamorous, past with You Must Remember This.

This week, From The Street’s Podcast of the Week is You Must Remember This by film historian and critic Karina Longworth, a podcast revealing the secret histories of Hollywood in the 20th Century, from a baffling and forgotten Frank Sinatra album, to the well known mystery of the Charles Manson murders. In the immediate wake of the sexual misconduct allegations, Hollywood’s reputation is suffering dramatically and remains a topical issue. Is it important to acknowledge Hollywood’s murky past in light of these recent discoveries? Sexual abuse, sexism, racism and other such issues are not new and, through this podcast, Karina Longworth explores the forgotten effects and narratives of some of Hollywood’s victims such as Dorothy Stratten, the focus of Part 13 of the Dead Blondes episodes of the podcast. Amazingly well researched and with a timeless appeal, Karina navigates through the often conflicting reports of Hollywood myths, while successfully channeling the essence of Hollywood magic in her storytelling, each episode eerily opening with Sam Dooley’s “As Time Goes By” from Casablanca, pulling you into an unnerving time warp. With a memorably hypnotic voice she appears as though an all-knowing oracle - “I like the idea that it sounds like you’re coming into a cult,” she remarked in an interview with The New York Times, as each urges her listeners to “join us, won’t you?” And it’s becoming a reality, as this podcast has begun to develop a cult-like following, with stars like Chloe Sevigny and Gillian Jacobs both sharing their love for You Must Remember This on Instagram. Do I need to list even more reasons for you to delve into Hollywood’s histories? Longworth has said that “One thing that I fundamentally understand, is that nobody who works in Hollywood right now has any incentive to tell any public person, including reporters, the truth.” So, while, in the present day, we try to uncover and overturn the patriarchal tendencies of Hollywood, we can at least enjoy unravelling the mysteries of its past.


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Kabyashree Saikia