Podcast of The Week: Chapo Trap House

By Abbie Steer

Listen to the Dirtbag Left’s irreverent take on contemporary American politics

In his 2016 documentary, HyperNormalisation, film maker Adam Curtis put forward the idea that we are living in a new period of change. He argues that as early as the 1970s, those in power have manipulated the public away from the “real world” and moved us instead to a “simple world” controlled by corporations and kept stable by paid off politicians. When we survey the political and social landscape of the last three years what do we see? The rise of Trump, the ugly shadow of Brexit, and the collapse of neo-liberalism. I think it’s safe to say that Curtis was right.

That is where the podcast Chapo Trap House comes in. Founded in 2016 by the “media dudes” Will Menaker, Felix Biederman and Matt Christmas, Chapo Trap House offers up an irreverent and strictly leftist look at the day-to-day of the American political process. The host roster was boosted by the additions of writers Amber A’Lee First and Virgil Texas and the show usually features a guest speaker who discusses their own topic of expertise from the leftist sphere of influence. The show originates from the “Dirtbag Left”, which directly refers to a loose group of leftist media personalities that use ironic and reference heavy humour to talk about themes in the leftist cannon. Each episode is about 60-80 minutes long and is released weekly with a premium episode available to listeners that subscribe to Chapo’s Patreon for $5.


Kabyashree Saikia