FTS Exclusive: 2018 Spring/Summer Trend Report

Written by: Tabetha Baldwin
Photography by: Claudia Espart Hernandez

With Fashion Week firmly over and winter creeping into London your mind is probably still set on building up your autumn/winter wardrobe. But those in the know are already looking into the future to put together their spring/summer 2018 collection. The good news is From The Streets has put this handy guide together for you, the bad news is choker necklaces are STILL a thing!

Although not entirely a new trend, the retro sportswear and graphic t-shirt look is firmly here to stay. From brightly colored and neon T-shirts to patterned hoodies, the 90’s look has us reaching for a skateboard and some over-sized headphones. If you’re brave enough to try out some of ‘Sex Skateboards’ gear all the more power to you and don’t forget to class, it up with a silk bomber jacket. We love ‘Blood Brother’ Lamborghini print on shirts and jackets for those who don’t want to fork out the price for the real thing. When in doubt, Adidas is always there to keep everyone stuck in the latter end of the last century with their vintage look collection, ranging from trainers to rain jackets. A notable addition to this trend is the use of pastel colours alongside the more vibrant colour palettes, yes boys can wear pink too!

Although a more traditionally autumn colour palette, we are seeing a large amount of warm browns, reds, ochers and blues. This softer, neutral look will have us feeling warmer in the cold spring months and hopefully cast out the post winter blues. Try ‘Palmer Harding’s’ new collection for a range of shirts, jackets and cardigans. The newest trends see a use of organic materials and textures that create interesting and often delicate looking pieces that bring out your inner tree-hugger. And the best part is, they might not break the bank. The brand ‘Baserange’ has presented a collection made from sustainable materials with affordable prices. The brand is built on a solid foundation of making luxury products using the best people and materials. And that is something we can all get behind... or in.

As well as cottons and denim, the use of silk can be found in many of the collections we are seeing. From pajama style cuts to slip dresses, the most elegant of fabrics is adding a ‘pretty’ feel to the more androgynous of the spring collections. Embroidery has been a common trend in the last few seasons and its picking up speed. ‘Nanushkas’s’ use of embroidery on an exotic animal style jacket makes a vintage style feel very up to date. The creamy colour palette blends in nicely with the rest of the neutrals. These colours also spill out onto the accessories of the season, with architectural bags from ‘Danse Lente’ and delicately woven shoes from ‘Robert Clergerie’.

For the bold amongst us, there is an emerging obsession with all things sparkly. Sequin and diamond encrusted clothing, ranging from sheer gowns to heavy looking T-shirts are stealing the eyes of everyone in the same room as them. Similarly, an astrological theme is popping up, with suns and stars taking centre stage. This might be a cue from Dior’s impressive gowns that are also embroidered with astrological references. Thank you ‘Ashish’ for the gorgeous clothing that also doubles up as a disco ball if you should ever find yourself without one.

Furthermore, Greek mythology and religious figures can be seen embroidered on the back of jackets, on floaty dresses and really anything metallic. It even carries onto accessories with symbolic clutch bags and jewelry. Are inner gods and goddesses can turn into gothic party girls with ‘Clio Peppiatt’s' intriguing new collection. And as always, don’t forget a touch of velvet alongside your sparkle to keep everything looking sophisticated.

As always spring means pastels and we have to give an honorary mention to ‘Tugcan Dökmen’ and his whimsical and feminine spring/summer 2018 collection. The layered ruffles and transparent fabrics have a soft angelic feel that are a nice contrast to the heavier trends we have seen. It’s a good option for the traditionalist princesses out there who just want to strut around in floaty, pastel princess dresses, whilst wholeheartedly celebrating the female form.

Kabyashree Saikia