LFWM SS18 Review: Blood Brother

By Tom Halford 

Blood Brother’s SS18 presentation ‘LOGIN’ invited spectators to indulge in escapism from the current negative environment, that is the human experience.

LCF graduates and founders of the label, Nicholas Biela and James Waller responded to Donald Trump’s comments calling global warming a ‘hoax’, by exploring the idea that we may have to disappear online when we have been drained of all our natural resources. Furthermore, the collection playfully suggests that seeking personal pleasure online in an imaginary world and accepting our fate that humans are destined for self-destruction, isn’t the worst idea.

Models stood on lit up podiums, a minimal version of a teleportation device you’d see in Star Trek. Whilst others posed around outdated technology. Like the previous collections, digital prints were featured heavily, with images of cars, rockets and women. These images were paired with promotional slogans, emphasising the desirability of the images. Throughout, these were in the same authoritative advertising typeface, emphasising the feeling of corporate control. Screen-printing the typeface alone added more interest to the simpler garments, such as the white shirt with ‘SAVE ME’ printed across it.

The brand provoked nostalgia, not only through set choice but through garments as well. The nylon-tailored city slicker jackets and boiler suits took us back to the 80s, making the brands typical silhouette more rigid. As tie dyed pieces and fringing echoed the 70s. Primary colours jumped out in a collection that’s colour palette mainly consisted of blacks, greys, whites and beiges. A new line of accessories was showcased, including last season’s cross-body bag redesigned in red suede fringing, patent croc and bland checks.




Kabyashree Saikia