In Conversation with Charles Jeffrey

By Tom Halford

Right after his successful SS18 show at London Fashion Week Mens, Charles Jeffrey displayed his LOVERBOY collection at the NEWGEN pop up space at the designer showrooms in 180 Strand the following day. Whilst there, our LFWM journalist and photographer met up with Charles and had a chance to ask him a few questions about the collection.

So out of all the bright colours, I noticed this washcloth on display immediately. Could you tell me a little bit about it?

Well, the washcloth hat is basically from my studio. We were just having a laugh and I put it on my head, and I thought I looked really nice! So when we were working with our hat maker I decided to bring it out. I usually just used it to clean my brushes. Usually more makeup brushes. Then I was like, “Can you make this into a hat?” and that was it! That was the process.

Is it wire or is it stiffened somehow?

So, he’s put wire, so that you can kind of mould it into different shapes – which is really interesting. Then we stuck a little logo on it to make it actually something official. It’s a big part of our process, validating things like that.

The jumper with the sad face on, what’s the story behind that?

It’s literally just one of my illustrations. I always do faces and colours around colours. I just hadn’t really found a way to incorporate it into garments themselves. I wanted a lot more colour involved and this was a really great way to do it. So we just stitched different bits together. I thought it was really successful in the end.

How did the show go?

Really good – really, really well. It was a really well resolved show. I thought because we were very organised this time and we managed to put a lot of ideas into one show.

Do you think it’s your best show so far?

I think so. I think it’s a very strong show and we just worked really hard with a great team. I’m just super happy, really pleased with it all.

Could you tell me about these knitted pieces?

So, it’s a wool and raffia blend, hand knitted by a friend of mine called Hannah. Her and a friend of mine, Kate, worked on them together. Again, it’s based on my illustrations and primary colours I like to use. It’s a very quick and easy idea that came in fruition fairly close to the show, but sometimes those ideas are the best ones.

Do you think there’s going to be a time where anyone can wear whatever they want? Where there won’t be such a distinction between club wear and daywear?

I think that time is now. Especially people that I hang out with. If you’re trying to say that, we’re trying to pioneer and push things. I think putting it into the context of a fashion show, at this current moment, it is bringing attention to that and hopefully we are able to validate it.


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