Band Of Outsiders AW19 Review: To infinity and beyond

By Molly Codyre ; Photography: Alex Morgan

With earthy tones, 70’s silhouettes, Band of Outsiders transported us back to 1969 and the first moon landing, all the while showing an impeccably cool collection for both men and women


For their Autumn/Winter 2019 presentation, Band of Outsiders took us to the late 60’s -  more specifically, 1969, the year Apollo 11 first landed on the moon. Rather than focus on the moon landing itself, the brand shifted the lens to look at those who were watching this moon landing for the first time, with awe, and amazement. The collection is inspired by the freedom and empowerment of this era, and the shift society was taking towards being more open-minded. The zeitgeist at this time was one of excitement, and youth, of exploring new territories and reaching (literally) new worlds. This was reflected in the collection, and the presentation itself. Consisting of earthy tones, such as spiced orange, burgundy and olive brown, and shapes reminiscent of this era of the late 60’s, with flared pants, and skirt suit sets for the girls, and straight legged pants, turtle necks, and suede jackets for the boys.

The presentation took place at Close Up Film Centre – a cinema and café. Surrounded by thousands of film-oriented books, guests entered the space to five models draped in front of the book cases, as if lounging in ones living room. Dressed in pieces from the collection, such as a navy long-line blazer suit on one male model, and a burnt orange suede flare suit on a girl, it was as if you had stepped into someone’s terribly chic library in the 70’s. It wasn’t hard to immediately want it all. Libated with Mulled Apple Cider, guests were ushered through to a mini-cinema, complete with boxes of warm, buttered popcorn. The following screening felt like you were getting an inside eye into that group of friends that you always wanted to be a part of, but never quite felt cool enough for. Rather than merely showcase the collection, Band of Outsiders transported you into their world, letting you, even for a moment, feel as if you were there, experiencing the moon landing for the first time, with all the wide-eyed excitement that came with it. While the focus may not have been exactly on the clothing itself, it was an interesting way to display the new collection, and one that certainly left an impression. While the showcase could have benefitted from a larger space, and a greater focus on the clothes, it was ultimately a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of street wear and athleisure collections that prevailed throughout the week. The impeccable tailoring and interesting shapes shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Van Mol’s Savile Row background, however he still managed to stick to the brand’s identity of not taking yourself too seriously, with details such as a rocket-ship printed silk dress, and a galactic take on the logo sweater.

This season was the brands first foray into womenswear under the creative direction of Angelo Van Mol, and a successful one at that. The womenswear pieces were in sync with the men’s, and at times the collection felt as if it could almost have been considered unisex. The womenswear pieces felt at once feminine, and masculine. Tailored pants and blazer suits, and borrowed-from-your-boyfriend coats, were combined with a checked mini-skirt and cardigan combo, and a silky midi dress to provide the ultimate cool-girl wardrobe. The collection was beautifully in sync, with no sense of dichotomy between the menswear and the womenswear. 

Overall, the collection felt impeccably cool, without trying too hard. Van Mol managed to tap into the brands sense of humour, while still producing highly wearable, interesting garments, that acted as a hopeful start of the death of the activewear trend.



Kabyashree Saikia