16Arlington AW19 Review: The Fascinating Fusion of Maximalism and Minimalism

By Natalie Galagan

In their debut collection for LFW Marco Capaldo and Kikka Cavenati, the designers of this up-and-coming brand, managed to create pieces of great variety yet so entirely coherent - there were strict androgynous suits, and over the top embellished dresses that every party girl would dream of.

Source:  British Vogue

The collection marked pair’s first ever experience in London Fashion week following their success through the presence on online shopping conglomerates such as Farfetch and Net-A-Porter. And they kicked off fashion week, as well as their first experience, with a bang promising many more to come. The show grabbed everyone’s attention as the styles combined the visions of two designers with categorically different visions – Kikka’s vision is more minimalist ready-to-wear oriented while Marco’s creations are maximalist style couture – which resulted in a perfect cocktail over-the-top urban glam and classic exaggerated silhouettes all of which featuring their signature feather details.

Source:  British Vogue

The presentation was a visual handbook on the history of pop culture. The references to artists, musicians, performers were endless – the very first look was a nod to Marlene Dietrich in her timeless femininity with a modern twist or be that a model with the ambience of David Bowie in a deep dark green feathered suit, which did look incredible for that matter. It is mesmerising to see how great designers can use their own creative vision and innovation to produce incredible pieces of clothing while paying respect to the very people and figures that have inspired them to create in the first place.

Marco and Kikka and their team managed to create a collection so mesmerising and flattering to look at that as this presentation kicked off, it immediately created a lot of buzz – it happens to be favoured by several insiders of the industry, as well as it employs the support of many a household name such as Lady Gaga and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It is unsurprising really, as the looks were so loud and clearly demanded everyone’s attention in the room. Somewhat moody models wore outfits that relentlessly mixed over-the-top glamour through the use of Swarovski crystals, over exaggerated and extreme tailoring, and animalistic prints while also playing with the totally other spectrum of creativity and going down the path of classicism in a sense of monochrome suits and clean white shirts. The message was clear – 16Arlington wants attention, it is ready for the attention and it wants it now.

Kabyashree Saikia