Gig Review: Hairy Recording's Presents MOONOVERSUN

by Abbie Steer

The MOONOVERSUN gig on July 6th, presented by Hairy Recordings at the Montague Arms, proved that you can successfully blend Nick Cave style theatrics, dreamy bedroom pop and freak out electronics in one small venue in London’s Peckham. The venue itself proves to be the perfect setting for this mish-mash group of artists, with its assortment of neon LAS VEGAS lights and comically macabre taxidermy.

First to warm up the sweaty crowd in the already almost unbearable heat of early July is Jerskin Fendrix. Fendrix, whose persona could be described as Frank Sidebottom-esque (sans papier- mâché head) has the endearing theatricality of Nick Cave. Heavy with voice modulation and wrought with dramatic tendencies onstage, it could be easy to miss the lyrics that shape his performance. However, through the wonderfully distorted vocals are biting and confessional lyrics that tell the tale of a New York holiday and a romance with a woman from Thailand that leave your heart aching with his.

Ellie Bleach, backed up by bassist Frankie California and a laptop, courts the crowd with her subtly sensual dancing and sultry sounds. A mesmerising stage presence beyond her 19 years has the crowd encapsulated; they can’t take their eyes off her and rightly so, she truly is something to see. While her lyrics speak of relatable teen heartbreaks and falling in love, her songs have an otherworldly quality that leaves you with stars in your eyes and dreams of existing on a mystical far away planet where all the aliens drive 1960s Corvettes and only speak in soft synth sounds.

Undulating and slinking, next performer Cosydrive’s sound defies explanation with an eclectic performance. Their lyrics, ironic and satirical without being bitter and cynical, capture the zeitgeist of 2017, with a Y2K aesthetic that you just can’t help but wish you had a flip phone to record it on.

Photo credit: Josh Jordan Photography

Photo credit: Josh Jordan Photography

Brighton based duo MOONOVERSUN, the headliners of the night, present a hypnotic blend of dissonant vocals and glitchy synth sounds that leave you mystified and electrified long after they themselves leave the stage. While frontwoman Sophia prances around with glowing lights around her neck and glitter on her face, singing in an ethereal voice, the crowd dances with her a few feet below, truly enchanted. They are the pioneers of the refreshing, self-proclaimed genre ‘wonk pop’ and it really is the only way to describe their sound, with the wavy, warped beats combined with their luminous interplanetary visual aesthetic. Ending with a modest encore of a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’, for Hairy Recordings next compilation EP, they wowed us with truly impressive vocals and undeniable talent and it was clear that the audience were enthralled as they sang along.


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